• Hello, I will be using two online platforms to help continue education for as long as needed.

    Each student in one of my courses should have received an invitation to join a Google Classroom site for their course.  If they have not please let me know!  I will be using Google Classroom for discussion and class announcements.  I will answer any question provided to me on this site as soon as possible.  

    Currently I plan to be available for this from 8:30 to 2:30 Monday through Friday.

    I recommend coming by the school during one of the two appointed times on Friday in order to get books/calculators or any other materials you think you may need.  I will try to reference questions to book pages as they arise.


    In addition, I will continue to use Schoology for online assignments.  This will be announced on the Google Classroom site, please check it often.


    Thanks, and be well.