Custodial and Maintenance
    Sean Mecham
    Welcome to the Custodial and Maintenance area of our web site.   If you have a request for maintenance or custodial work please submit it by email.
    Please include the following information in your request
    Subject Line: Your Campus, location of the issue, and what the issue is.
    Example: North Campus, Room 101, Heater not working
    Body of the email: a short description of your issue. and a time that you would like us to work on the issue(please use actual times not class periods)
    Example: The heater in my room is not heating the room and it makes a funny noise when it comes on. my room is empty from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm, or any time after school. 
    Sean Mecham
    Maintenance Supervisor
    (406) 626-2740