Welcome To Kindergarten 
    Name: Becky Lande
    Phone: (406) 626-2620
    Email: landeb@ftsd.org
    Hi!  My name is Becky Lande.  After graduating from the Universtiy  of Montana, I began my teaching career as a sustitute teacher 32 years ago.  My first subbing job was for my son's kindergarten class. I had to take him into the hall and ask him to behave.  I taught everything from kindergarten to high school shop classes and learned so much from this experience.  My first job was teaching Jr. High computer classes and my son was in one of my classes.  This time he was very helpful, even though I'm sure I embarrased him terribly.  I added half-day kindergarten in the mornings to my computer classes and then was able to change to kindergarten full-time. I now teach Colt's Kindergarten in the same classroom both of my boys were in for kindergarten.  We even use some of the same stuff.  I love teaching Colt's Kindergarten and having time to teach all of the important things that a kindergartener should learn. I still learn something new almost every day and I get to sing, dance (sort of), read books and color.  My favorite part of teaching kindergarten is getting to really know my students and share this wonderful time in their lives.  My husband and I both grew up in Montana and graduated from Hellgate High School.  After living in several other places, my husband and I settled in the Frenchtown Valley 39 years ago.  We have two wonderful boys,  two wonderful daughter-in-laws and two granddaughters.