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    Susannah Murphy

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    As a Forest Service kid, I grew up all over the country, but mainly in the Northwest. I lived in sixteen houses before I was twenty years old! After spending my high school years in Hamilton, I attended the University of Montana. I started my teaching career back in Hamilton, teaching sixth grade. Since I left, I have been teaching in the Missoula area.  This is my twenty-third year of teaching. This summer I welcomed our oldest son home from a year in Cambodia, spent a few days in quiet solitude on top of a mountain, played in the Flint Creek Mountains with my family, worked on our tiny cabin in the woods, volunteered two weeks at summer camp, moved our son to California, and read some great books. I am one of the most fortunate people I know, having the opportunity to live in the most amazing state in the US, and to work with the most incredible people on the planet, Frenchtown students and families.

    Grade 8 Physical Science
    Going Public
    I am inserting images of our notes about Going Public Presentations. This should make it easier to explain the project to anyone helping you.
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