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    Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

    Coronavirus Information

     In addition to in-person instruction, I use a Learning Management System (LMS) called Schoology.  Schoology is an industry leader in online education and is used by universties and entire countries to support student learning.  They are safe, secure, and do not risk their postion as a trusted partner by collecting and selling your student's information. 
    Your student received information on how to access/enroll in Schoology at the beginning of the year.  We have used this all year long and, by this time, your student should be very comfortable with how it works.  If you are interested in a special log in so that you can follow along with class, email me (stanicaj@ftsd.org) and I can give you that information.
    In addition to Schoology I use Remind so that I can send announcements to students that push on to their phones. Schoology will push as well, but in my experience is easier to ignore so I will use the Remind system as a back-up.  I will give those codes as well if you ask.
    I will be available for support and to address questions...see below.
    You're already on Schoology.  I know this, because we did it in class.  I will use Schoology to deliver most assignments, hold discussions, and to contact you if needed.  Please turn on your "push notices".
    Please sign up for Remind, the "join link" is attached to the "Update" on your Schoology page.
    At this point, I do not anticipate trying to hold live class over the internet, but I will be available a number of ways...see below.
    Office Hours and Contact
    I will be in my room working every week day from 9-12, most certaily longer, but that is when I will be sitting at my computer and you can talk to me in almost real time. 
    During that time, all avenues of communication are available to you: email, Google Hangouts, Schoology.
    Google Hangouts: jamesstanicar@ftbroncs.org (I can do screen sharing, video, and voice)
    Schoology: Just use the message feature.
    I will also be working from home and available outside of those times, just maybe not as quickly.