• Welcome to Mrs. Unsworth's First Grade Class  
    Name: Kathy Unsworth  
    Phone: (406) 626-2620  
    Email: unsworth@ftsd.org
    First grade is an exciting and busy time, with a lot of learning going on.   We spend our entire mornings reading.  This includes students reading with me in a small group, working on independent skill work, reading to self, reading with a partner, and other self choice reading activities. To enhance their reading, students are writing fiction, non-fiction, letters, and reports using story maps and planners.  Their writings will correlate with the stories they read in reading groups. 
    In the afternoons, we study and practice our number sense in math.  Our time is filled with a lot of hands-on activities, working in small groups, with partners, and independently. Algebraic thinking and problem solving is our focus.
    During science, we are studying Insects.  Our classroom will be filled with future entomologists. 
    Our CATCH Program (Coordinated Approach To Child Health) teaches us about eating healthy and staying active.  Students categorize whether their daily snack is a "Go" food, "Slow" food, or "WHOA" food.  We also learn the importance of physical activity.  What do you do to stay active?
    This year Computer Lab will be taught in the classroom using Chrome Books.  Our time will be filled with fun reading, math, and keyboarding activities twice a week.
    Throughout the year we study American Indians, yesterday and today. 
    So much to do!  The clock is ticking, so let's get started!  (Each minute on our calendar clock represents 1 day of school.) 
    I was born and raised in Missoula and feel very fortunate I was able to stay in the area to raise my own family.  We moved out to Frenchtown when our oldest son started kindergarten. (We heard the school was terrific.)  Volunteering in my three sons’ classrooms, as they made their way through elementary school, opened my eyes to the possibility of being a teacher.  I received my BA in Elementary Education in 1999 and started substitute teaching at Frenchtown.  From there I taught kindergarten and then moved up to first grade.  Teaching is one of the most gratifying things I have ever experienced and truly feel privileged to be in this profession.
     Class Description:  
    In my first grade classroom, I try to instill a sense of community.  As stated in the Colt's Creed, it is each student's job to be honest, respect and care for others, be responsible for themselves, show fairness, and be a good citizen.  By working together as a team, we will have a successful year.