Hello 4th Graders and welcome to our classroom. This will be an interesting end to our school year. Please contact me with any questions. 
    Name: Jean Whaley
    Phone: (406) 626-2622
     Google Classroom Code: lncvzrn
    I am a Montana native.  I have taught  at Frenchtown  for many years.  I received both my undergraduate degree and my Masters in Education degree from the University of Montana.  I enjoy teaching, reading and walking.
    Class Description(s)
    This is a fourth grade class and we cover all subjects. This is the first year that students will be recieving traditional letter grades instead of S+, S, N, and U's. My grading system is the following: A=100-93, A-= 92-90, B+=89-87, B=86-83, B-=82-80, C+=79-77, C=76-73, C-=72-70, D+=69-67, D=66-63, D-=62-60, F Below 60.