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    During the months of January and February resource math students will be participating in a classroom living project. The goal of this project is to familiarize students with the concepts of income and expenses.

    During this project, math classes are conducted like a workplace. Students will clock in and out of each class and earn pay in classroom money for their work. Students may also earn overtime pay for work done outside of class.

    Fridays are pay day and also the day to pay bills and balance checkbooks. Rent for student desks will be paid weekly along with common household expenses. Discretionary spending may include payments for preferred activities and school supplies. Each student will write checks for expenses and keep a checkbook register of holdings so that the flow of income and expenditures can be seen and discussed.

    In the event that students save enough money, they may also buy their desk so that they no longer pay rent. Furthermore, they may also buy neighboring desks and collect rent from other students.

     This is always a fun project. Students look forward to it and gain real life skills from participation.