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     Welcome to Frenchtown Activities
    This page is intended to give you information about all of our Montana High School Association sanctioned Athletic and Activities programs.   Frenchtown currently participates in Football, Speech, Basketball, Cheer, Band, Choir, Volleyball, Track, Softball,  Cross Country, Wrestling, Golf, Soccer and Swimming.  If you have any questions or would like to see us post information that would be useful to you please let me know.  Each sport has their own individual pages that you can access through the links at the bottom of the page.


     Frenchtown Bronc 20-21 Fall Activities Parent Meeting


    Do to the Covid 19 situation we will be splitting up the fall parent meeting.

    The meetings will be held in the high school commons.




    August 11, 2020

    Volleyball 6:00 pm

    Football 7:00 pm

    Golf 8:00 pm


    August 12, 2020

    Soccer 6:00 pm

    Cross Country 7:00 pm

    Cheer 8:00 pm


    MHSA has implemented a new registrations system that replace Family ID.  Please follow the instructions below on registering your student athlete with DragonFly.  We will still require a hard copy of your student athletes physical.



    DragonFly makes sports and activities more organized with easy-to-use

    digital forms, health records and team communication tools.



    1  Download the DragonFly MAX app from the App Store or Google Play.


    2    Tap ‘Get Started’ and ‘Sign Up for Free’ then follow the prompts to create your parent account with your own email address.

    Note: please do not create an account with your child’s name or contact information — you will get the chance to add your child soon!


    3    Verify your account with the verification ID sent to your email address.


    4    Tap ‘Connect to your school’ to select ‘Parent’ as your role and search for your child’s school. (Frenchtown High School, Frenchtown, MT).


    5     After selecting your child’s school, tap ‘Join’ to request access. An administrator  at your school will approve your request.


    6     Tap ‘Set up your children’ and follow the prompts to add your kid(s) and fill out their participation forms.




    Visit and click ‘Log In/Sign Up’ to get started.







    Kipp Lewis
    Activities Director
    Phone: (406) 626-2715



  •  FB 17 18  VB 17 18  Boys Soccer 17 18  
    Frenchtown has a proud history of competition in Montana High School Association activities.  We have won State Championships in Speech, Basketball, Softball, Cross Country, Golf, Track and Field and Football.  It is our goal to offer the best programs, coaches, and support that is possible for our students.  Activity programs provide students with unique opportunities to grow personally and emotionally.  They experience and learn how to handle pressure situations, success, failure, and the ability to work as a team with a wide variety of people.   The only thing that is guaranteed in these competitive activities is that you will work hard and compete against the best athletes our state has to offer.
    Nation wide students that participate in Activities have higher GPA's, fewer absences, higher graduation rates, and less discipline referrals than students who choose not to participate. Activities are an important and valuable part of public education in the United States and Frenchtown School District is dedicated to making our activity programs a leader in the education of our students.