Welcome! My name is Ryne Nelson and I am one of the High School Physical Education Teachers. 
    During the school closer my office hours will be 8:30am-2:30pm. Below is an overview of our HPE classes for at least the remainder of this week and next week.   3/19- 3/27

    Dear Frenchtown High School students and family members, 


    The Physical Education team at Frenchtown is working to provide you with resources to help you stay physically active and healthy while our schools are closed. We will also be assigning a Monday Health activity/assignment just like if we were in regular school. We will be using Google Classroom for Monday Health.

    In order to meet physical education goals during this time, students must be physically active for 60 minutes a day during the week. Understand this doesn't mean you have to be physically active for 60 minutes all at one time.  You can do multiple activities throughout the day to get your daily recommended 60 minutes of physical activity. 

     Below you will find a list of activities and ideas for staying physically active or come up with your own!! Be creative!! We will also be sharing video links for at home workouts too.


    • Going for a walk                                                                *Playing catch with younger/older siblings
    • Hikes                                                                                    * Riding horses
    • Riding bikes                                                                         *Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping floors
    • taking your dog for a walk                                              *Sweeping the garage
    • Chopping and stacking wood                                          *Shooting Baskets
    • Tag games with younger/older siblings         *Mowing, gardening, lawn work
    • Bodyweight workout                                                        *Dance Party with family
    • Frisbee/Make your own Frisbee Golf Course



    Click the Link Below to learn about Corona Virus!


    Corona Virus


    Your first assignment is to read through the material regarding Corona Virus.  On Monday you will recieve a link for a multple choice worksheet based on the Corona Virus material.  Go Broncs!


    Here is the worksheet for the Corona Virus Powerpoint. It is due on Friday March 27th.  You will recieve your next assignment on Friday the 27th.  Go Broncs!


    Corona Virus Worksheet


    Students please email me the worksheet or drop it off at the Library drop box by Friday March 27th.  My email is RyneNelson@ftsd.org. 



    Below is the worksheet that you will need to complete by April 3rd.  You will be interviewing your parents/guardian about healthy dating relationships.  Have fun!


    Healthy Dating Relationships


    Email or drop off at the library drop box at the school by April 3rd.



    Work for April 13- April 17 

    Please click on the link to read an article called "Taming the Stress Monster"


    Taming The Stress Monster

      Complete the worksheet below.  Please eamil or drop off the assigntment by April 17th.  Taming Stress Worksheet





    Please read the article below on Toxic Friendships.  Once you have read the article complete the Red Flag Worksheet located at the bottom of the article.  The worksheet is due April 24th.  Have a great weekend!  The 7 Types of Toxic Friendships





    For the week of April 27th- May 1st you will need to complete the activity log located below.  I am asking each student to log their daily activity.  You will need to mention the activity performed and the duration of the acvtivity.  Remember in the paragraph above I posted a variety of potential activities that you can do from home.  The activity log will be due on Sunday May 3rd.  The forecast for next week looks pretty promising.  Get out and enjoy the beautiful weather while maintain social distancing.  Go Broncs!


    PE Activity Log


    Also, after next week we will be transitioning to Google Classroom.  The class code is:

    Classroom Code 


    Please sign up by May 1st.







    Name: Ryne Nelson
    Phone: (406) 879-6187
    Email: RyneNelson@ftsd.org