• Jennifer Orchard

    My name is Jennifer Bedell, I was raised in Polson, Montana. I received my Mathematics bachelors from Rocky Mountain College where I played golf and basketball for the Bears. Following graduation I earned my teaching certification through Montana State University. I completed my first couple years of teaching in Maui, Hawaii. From there I went to Bozeman where I taught for Bozeman High School. I then earned my masters in Curriculum and Instruction and joined the Frenchtown team in 2017!

    I own the paragliding school in Missoula so when I'm not teaching math I'm generally paragliding for fun or teaching people how to paraglide. My other interests involve getting outdoors, being active, and spending time with family and friends. Specifically I enjoy playing basketball, running, mountain biking, rock climbing, playing tennis, kayaking, swimming, and learning new things. I have a passion for education and I’m proud to be on the Frenchtown team! 



    For online learning we will be using the following sites:

    1.) Google Classroom: This will be our main hub for information. I will communicate with our math class through our google classroom and you will communicate with me and turn in assignments to the google classroom. I will post announcements, videos, assignments, test dates, tests and more here.   https://classroom.google.com

    2.) ixl:  This will be a type of homework that I will assign.    www.ixl.com

    3.) Math Book: Our math book can be accessed online. First, go to the website www.bigideasmath.com second, click “log in with Clever,” third, click “log in with google.” The username is your school email and your password is your 9 digit school number.


    To communicate with me:

    1.) Email me: this is the most reliable. jenniferbedell@ftsd.org

    2.) Send a message through google classroom


    To Turn in Homework/Assignments/Tests:

    Turn them into the google classroom where they will be assigned.


    To Turn in Missing Homework (from before and currently):

    1.) If it was book work homework assigned prior to the school closure then you can turn it in by taking a picture or scanning it and emailing it to me jenniferbedell@ftsd.org

    2.) If it was an activity that was missing/late you can unfortunately no longer turn it in.

    3.) If you need to make up a quiz, you need to contact me to schedule a google hangout session where you will take the quiz with me present, via google hangouts.

    4.) If it is missing assignments assigned on google classroom turn it into the google classroom like you normally would.

    5.) If it is an ixl skill, email me saying you have completed it and list the skill.


    Office Hours:

    9:00am – 12:00pm     I will be in my classroom during this time. I will be available to communicate via phone, email, and/or google hangout.

    1:00pm – 4:00 pm     I will be working from home during this time. I will be available to communicate via email.

    If you come across a situation where you’d like to talk with me on the phone or via google hangout and 9am -12pm doesn’t work for you, please let me know and we can arrange a time that works.

    Jennifer Bedell