• Me and my pup Chauncey!
    Hello and welcome to Ms. Crocker's webpage! My webpage has been updated for digital/distance learning through the Covid-19 school closings. My office hours moving forward will be 9:00AM-12:00PM. I will continue to work form home around 12:30PM, so please don't hesitiate to reach out if you need me! Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you may have. I keep information, assignments, and curret happenings in Google classroom. All students should already be set up to use google classroom. We have used this platform throughout the entire year and use it regularly. Just in case, here are the google classroom class codes-
    Here are my google assignment class codes:
    1A Environmental Science: dtmzfrg
    3A Environmental Science: q4cvzaz
    3B Environmental Science: pzstirc
    2B Honors Biology: ndhosfc
    4B Honors Biology: n2ejypz
    4A Anatomy & Physiology: tok6qhv
    All homework, notes, videos, assignments, projects moving forward will be outlined on google classroom. If you need something different, for whatever reason, please let me know, or the office know, and I will get a packet generated for you! I know this will be hard and difficult at times, but if we keep smiling and keep our attitudes positive we will be able to not miss a beat of learning! 
    Name: Julia Crocker
    Email: JuliaCrocker@ftsd.org
    Hey y'all! I was born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma (BOOMER!). I got my undergraduate degree and master's degree from the University of Central Oklahoma. After 27 years I decided to see what other states had to offer. I spent a year in Texas an decided it was much too hot, so I figured I would give Montana a shot. I visited Missoula in March of 2017 and decided it was a great fit (and not as hot). I got a teaching job (one year in Stevi), a dog (Chaucney), some skis (first time skier), and the rest is history. This will be my sixth year teaching and I am looking forward to teaching here in Frenchtown. I have heard great things about Frenchtown and its wonderful, strong community! When I am not teaching I love running the trails of Missoula, figuring out how to not fall while skiing, trying not to burn food as I learn how to cook, laughing with friends, and generally enjoying a glass half full kind of life.