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    Hello Frenchtown Students and Parents.

    Current Situation:

    With the circumstances we are currently facing, we need to be patient and understanding on all levels.  I miss seeing my students everyday and hope that everyone is in good spirits and good health. 

    My office hours at Frenchtown are from 8:30 - 12:00 everyday during the shut down.  Virtually I will be available for questions and emails from 1:00 - 3:00.

    You can contact me via email - troywaters@ftsd.org or troywaters@ftbroncs.org (google classroom) these emails are linked to my school computer, laptop and cell phone.  In addition you can call the school and have them transfer your call to me between 8:30 - 12:00.



    Listed below are links and instructions for students and parents regarding every class that I have:

    6th Grade:

          Thank you so much for an awesome year.  You guys are a ton of fun and worked really hard for me this year.   With that being said.  You can always go online to typing.com and continue typing.  I will finish up your grades as of typing time through 3-13-2020.  If you have not averaged your 20 to 25 minutes per week, you will have until March 27th to make up that time.  Remember, just because the quarter is over for us, you can still type as much as you want.  Typing is a skill that will help you for the rest of your lives.


    7th Grade & 8th Grade:

    This will be a difficult transition for us all.  Working though the book is going to be challenging, to say the least.  I will post pictures of the assignments on the Google Classroom.  Every student knows how to log into the the google classroom.  I will post Pictures of what the completed document should look like on the assignment page.    I will respond to questions as quickly as possible.  I know this is not ideal and you may struggle and get frustrated.  Try not to, as this is new and we will work out the bugs together.  For those of you who will not have access to internet or with very slow service.  I will print off material for your parents to pick up during the assigned times the school has provided, just send me an email of what you needed printed and I will have it ready for pick up the next day.  If you have Microsoft office at home, please use that.  If you do not have Microsoft office, use Google Docs.  The problem with Google docs is that the assignment instructions are for Microsoft.  It will be more difficult in Google docs.

    There are apps on the Apple and Google play store that you can download for free that have the look and feel of Microsoft office, however the small screen could make it very difficult.

    I have found copies of the two research projects that have been assigned and PowerPoints on how to do them.  I have Posted them on the Google Classroom!!


    Update 4/29/2020 - we are going to continue on with Microsoft Word or Google Docs.  The transition from this to Excel I think would be tough without in classroom instruction.  Expect a new assignment every couple of weeks.  currently we are working on a two page travel brochure.



    The only thing left for us is the review and final exam.  For review we are doing the Cookie Chronicle at the end of each chapter that we completed this semester.  Expect the Final exam to be around May 20th.


    Coding and Tech Tools

    Look to Google Classroom for due date and new assignments.  To complete each chapter we will complete the QuickChecks through out the chapter in addition to the interactive summary at the end.  The assignment will be the QuickChecks and the test will be the interactive summary.  Keep a running list of the Quickchecks by page number with answer.  For example the first answer will be 85 - (with your answer here), then 86 - (answer) and so on.  If there are two on a page like page 87, just list 87A - (answer) 87B - (answer).  For the summary at the end separate them by section and just say section A and number 1 - how ever many.

    If you have questions just reach out via email and I will respond ASAP

    We have finished chapter 2 and are currently working on chapter 3

    Intro to Game Programming

    First thing first.  Download Scratch.  Go here to do that: https://scratch.mit.edu/download make sure you do the direct download and not from the Microsoft Store.  Once that is done you know what we are working on.  Remember if you are struggling you can go to the tutorial here: http://www.maklary.com/LS/LearnScratch.htm .  I will also be available via google chat or email.  When you finish upload your assignment to the google classroom.

    Currently working on Pac Man, next we will work on a two player pong game.  Video tutorials will be updated with hints and how the project should run.  

    Sports Marketing

    We are now working on our "Dream Team".  Remember you access the information for the book at https://www.mycompanionsite.com/ scroll down to the bottom and you will find the book The Dream Team listed.  Click on the book and you are there.  We have finished Pre-Game 1 Elevator Pitch in class last time.  Finish up your planning form and keep it for future assignments.  When finished with you pitch, turn it into the google classroom.  When finished Move on to Pre-Game 2 (Team Logo) and Pre-Game 3 (Team Roster).  The logo will be difficult.  If you have photoshop, great use it.  If not you can use paint or whatever you can find to create a logo.  Make sure to save it as we will use it thoughout the semester.  The roster is easier, but if you do not have Microsoft Office, use Google Docs.  The instructions follow Microsoft Office however, so it could be more difficult using google.  If you still need a book, call the office and you can come pick one up.  If you need to get in touch with me just send me an email or google chat.

    Currently we are working through the word processing section of the book.  Expect next week to move the Excel or Sheets.