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    Randy Cline
    Voice:  (406) 626-2600




    I will be retiring at the end of the 2019-2020 school year.  June 30, 2020 will be my last day as the superintendent of Frenchtown School District. This was a very difficult decision.


    After reflecting over my 41 years in education, I know that my 14 years as the superintendent in Frenchtown has been the pinnacle of my career and I’m very proud of what has been accomplished in those 14 years.   The superintendent, the Board, administration, and staff working together have consistently created more opportunities for students in academics, activities, programs, and in providing better facilities.  We have overcome obstacles that were daunting when they first appeared, but by working together and trusting in each other, we came up with solutions and moved forward as a district.


    I have great faith and confidence that the current Board, administrators, staff, and future superintendent will continue to make Frenchtown a place where parents will want their students to be, because student success will always be the first priority of the district.


    I still have 6 months left at the helm and working together we can accomplish a lot for our students in that time. The Board of Trustees is developing the process to be used for the superintendent search. The Board of Trustees will ensure that the superintendent search process will be open, public, and transparent.


    Go Broncs!