Welcome to my web site. My philosophy of teaching is that every day is a great day filled with new ideas and opportunities, and we are only limited by our own attitudes and motivation. I try to approach each day as a day where I can learn as much as possible with a smile and a positive attitude (not always successful, but I try!), and I try my very best to foster that philosophy in each of my students.  I run a classroom that has rules and structure, while at the same fostering as much creativity and excitement as possible! I'm so excited to be involved in all my classes, and I am especially excited about the full roster of AP Art students I have this year.
    Name: Sue Dansie
    Phone: (406) 626-2670
    I grew up in Deer Lodge, Montana in a family of eight. I received my undergraduate degree in Art and English Education from what was then known as Eastern Montana College in Billings, Montana. I met my husband in Billings (we are celebrating 35 years of marriage this year), and relocated to Salt Lake City, and then Reno, Nevada. While in Reno, I received my graduate degree in Counseling and Educational Psychology. I worked for 20 years for a judges' membership organization in the Family Violence, Child Protection and Custody section. I have two beautiful daughters, and when they were nearing their teens, it became apparent that we needed to relocate to a place that was healthier and safer, and I felt a strong desire to be near my aging parents. When a chance to relocate to Frenchtown came, we jumped at it! I was fortunate to get a job teaching Art at the Frenchtown Junior High a year after we moved here, and in the fall of 2012, I was moved into the position of Language Arts teacher at the Frenchtown Junior High, and I am in my 4th year as an Art Educator at the high school level. I treasure the interactions with the young adults at the high school level, and I am so excited to see so much talent among our students!

    CLASSES FOR 2018-2019


     SEMESTER 1:
    Introduction to Art - Sculpture 1 - Sculpture 2 - AP Studio Art

     SEMESTER 2:

    Introduction to Art - Sculpture 1 - Printmaking - AP Studio Art