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    Students and Parents:


    Hope this contact finds you all well today.  

    I will be continuing classwork through google classroom.   I will be doing my best to keep the assignments relative to the field of study.  I am new to google classroom so please keep me informed about whether you are receiving information on google classroom.  A lot of our students are already familiar with Google Classroom

    I will start today by setting up invites for people to join my google classes.   Once you have joined you should be able to access assignments and lessons.

    I understand that some people may not have the ability to stream videos etc. due to internet limitations.  If this is an issue for you please e-mail me or contact me at the school and we can make alternate arrangements.

    goole classroom seems to be up and running.  In the metals and welding classes we will be completing some paper layouts.  If you wish to come tomorow morning i will have the big paper available.

    In the intor to engines class we will be starting auto electricity.  this will invilve watching videos on you tube.  If you do not have video access you maycheck out a book to complete the assignments.



    My contact information is Duhamed@ftsd.org.

    I will be at school in the mornings from 8:30 -12:00 and  on most days into the afternoon.  Feel free to email me at any time that is continent to you.  I will check my email frequently all day long


    Final summary:

    Please have your students accept the class invitation ASAP.  If this process is not working please contact me and let me know.

    My name is Dave Duhame. 

    I teach a variety of Industrial Education courses. The majority of these courses surround design and fabrication of metals or in Mechanical systems.


    I am looking forward to teaching your child.  If you have any questions or concerns the easiest why to contact me is through school e-mail.  I will respond to you as soon as possible.

    Name: Dave Duhame
    Phone: (406) 626-2670
    Born Butte Mt ....................................1958
    Graduated Butte High School ..................1977
    Graduated MSU Bachelor Degree...............1982
    Graduated U of M Masters Degree.............1994